I might be a react fanboy, in fact I think react.js is a revolutionary UI library that shaped the way we write frontend systems today. With that in mind, if you ask me what is the best frontend framework (dev experience wise), no doubt I will say vue.js, …

In today’s article we are going to discuss typescript types.

So what are types ?

Types are a syntactic way to enforce a variable to have a specific exact type. for example a variable named ‘mystr’ with the type of a string can’t receive a number as their value.

Why care about types ?

types are extremely important, they are…

In this article you will learn why it is very critical to adapt it in both your frontend and backend solutions

Typescript is now the new standard for scalable and maintainable web / mobile / desktop apps

So what is typescript ?

typescript is essentially JavaScript with super powers. …

Mohamed Ali Amaira

a full stack web & hybride mobile developer, specialized in the mern / mevn stack, a javascript. also has experience with react native and is learning flutter

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